Monday, June 15, 2009

Reminder about Class on Tuesday

Hi guys,
I wanted to remind you about my class tomorrow: Optimizing Brain Function to Improve Your Trading. Since I could only post this as a picture, the links aren't live.

Here are the live links below:

Insure Your Spot At This Event, You Must Be Registered!!!
Registration URL:
Once registered you will receive an email with instructions to get in.

If possible, fill out this Brain Questionnaire prior to the class:

Here is an article that I wrote on general brain
chemistry. Check it out:

Here is a list of supplements that have been designed to
handle all of the conditions I will be discussing in the webinar:

You also might enjoy checking out my website:

Hope you can make it,



  1. Hi MG,
    thanks for your great webinar! What do you think about Audio-video stimulation Mind machines and Light therapy? Does this work how producers claim? Any experiences?

  2. Hi,
    Glad you enjoyed it. I don't have enough personal experience with any of these devices to measure long term results. However, I think there can definitely be much benefit to the brain with Light or Sound.

    One of the top researchers in the country on this subject is Dr Jeffrey Thompson. He is down the street from me.(

    I have an enormous amount of respect for him and his work.