Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Optimizing Brain Function to Improve Your Trading

Hi there guys. Please join me for a free class that I will be giving for IOAMT on Tuesday, June 16 at 4:30 PM EST. You'll get to see another side of me and (I believe) pick up some really valuable information. The room will be open to all. If you have already gotten a free trial with IOAMT, just email them at to register for the class. Below is the PR piece describing the class. I hope to see you there.


Optimizing Brain Function to Improve Your Trading

Trading is a very demanding activity.
Traders need the ability to stay focused, with high-level cognitive function and balanced emotional states for many hours at a time.
Healthy brains and balanced brain chemistry are absolutely essential to perform at the highest level.

The Institute of Auction Market Theory is happy to announce another FREE presentation. It is our goal to provide the best in education and in this quest we are excited to have Dr. Bryan Stern as our next guest speaker. Dr. Stern is a physician with 30 years experience specializing in Functional Medicine and also a day trader.

He is well known through his trading blog as MGTrader. He will be discussing how our brain function has a direct effect on our trading outcomes.

Many traders have brains that are functioning far below optimal levels. The brain can abnormally age and deteriorate and brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters can become imbalanced. The result is a whole slew of cognitive and emotional symptoms. These can include (to name only a few):

· Memory noticeably declining
· Focus noticeably declining
· Reduced attention span endurance
· Reduced pattern recognition skills
· Slower mental response
· Difficulty learning new things
· More fatigue from trading
· Anxiety and panic
· Inability to handle stress
· Increased bouts of anger and frustration

This class will teach you how to reverse brain deterioration, balance brain chemistry, dramatically improve cognitive function and balance your emotions utilizing cutting-edge
nutritional supplementation, diet and lifestyle modification.

Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a Brain Questionnaire to assess their own brain status.

This important presentation will be completely FREE! Knowing how to keep your brain strong and in top physical condition will support you in eliminating emotional blocks and sustaining the energy necessary to get the most from your cognitive abilities.

Join us on 6/16/09 at 1:30pm PST. The class will last about 1.5 hours and include time for your questions at the end. To insure your spot at this event, simply register for IOAMT's Free 5 day trial at


  1. Bummer, I will be on vacation during this presentation. Would have loved to see it.

  2. Brian,
    Sorry to hear that. I will post a link to a recording of the class, so you can catch up when you get back.


  3. much appreciated MG, thanks for doing that!

  4. I too will be pleased to see the link.

    And could you detail the "delta momentum" indicator? Unless of course you consider this proprietary.
    I no longer use MD, but have bid ask delta available to chart and apply studies. Are you simply adding "mom(x)" to the cumulative bidask delta, and if so, how do you chosse the period for the different chart periods (1.25R, 10KV etc) I see you use.


  5. MineDigger,
    Delta Momentum is just the average of x number of bars of Delta. The Histogram is filtered to >99. The Line is unfiltered. Usually I am averaging 3 periods. On the 10K I have the line set to 5 and the histo to 3. On the 1.25 Range I have both set to 3. Experiment and see what seems to work best.


  6. Hi again, thanks for the response re the Delta Momentum. Somewhat oddly I can't replicate the results you show. For instance on 1.25R the sma(3) of the filtered bars show a divergence, but less, and the unfiltered results show no divergence. This is despite my delta bars looking similar to yours (but not identical of course!), I assume the narrow bars are the filtered ones.
    Anyway, thanks again, and I also find the more "structural" posts of interest.

  7. MineDigger,
    The difference is likely due to different data providers. I have Transact data. I will post a chart definition for this chart after market close.