Saturday, June 6, 2009

Delta Divergence at Value Area Low

Hi guys,
I hope these charts aren't getting boring. Its just that, if you are patient, the same type of trade sets up pretty much day in and day out. On this one, you'll see that the Initiated Buying and VAL from the prior day stopped the market in B period. The divergences indicated that the market would not likely break thru the second time down.

I added a custom indicator to the 10K Chart that paints the candles the Delta Color. This can easily be done in IRT or MD. Just create a new Signal with the only criteria of VB > 0. Then add a Paint Bar (from the Signal's drop down menu) Choose your new new custom indicator from the drop down menu and choose the colors. Mine is blue for Delta greater than 0 and red for Delta less than 0. Really simple. I think you need the Pro version to do this. BTW, I recently upgraded to Pro and I am simply loving it.

I saw Kam Dhardwar using this in the L2ST room. I don't use this info for much at this time, but it could be useful.

I hope this helps.



  1. Hi Bryan -
    1 quick question:
    on the Delta Momentum chart, what is the difference between the bars and the line? (at around 11:00 on the chart, the bars are going lower and lower, the line is sloping up???)

  2. Hi Steven,
    The bars are filtered to >99 and the line is unfiltered. I believe I posted a chart definition several posts back. Check it out, if you haven't.


  3. Bryan -
    I think I figured it out, the bars are a avg of the last 3 delta bars, the line is an average of the last 5 delta bars.