Sunday, May 3, 2009

Singles Trade Followup

Hi guys,
I hope that you are having a great weekend. I wanted to show you a few more ideas (and additional clues) on that Singles trade from Friday. Whenever we take a trade, we want as much confirmation as possible to support our reasoning. This short at the Single had so much going for it. And, it worked really well.

The key is to have your charts set up to let you see these areas of confirmation really easily. Also, you really need to have the teachings of Auction Market Theory really be a part of you. If you haven't mastered the concepts in Mind Over Markets by Jim Dalton, I suggest you read it again and again.

After a winning or losing or missed trade, I snag a picture and note everything I saw as the trade unfolded. Perhaps even more importantly, I note the things that I missed. This process needs to be repeated over and over again. Eventually, you just begin to see more of the whole picture from a micro and mini perspective.

Market Delta's new 9.2 software has been an extraordinary revelation for. Almost daily, I find new ways to see the action better. I have more cool stuff I am checking out and will share with you after I have some time to establish it's value. My recommendation to you (if you are using MD) is to really learn what this software has to offer to you. I regularly visit the MD blog and read the commentary and watch the videos. They have a Community Forum at: I have learned a lot there. Check it out.

Hope all this helps,


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  1. Thanks MG for the link to forum. I didn't even know there was one. Odd that MD doesnt have a link to it on their site. Awesome stuff again by the way, reading your posts help me in a great way.

    Thanks for everything