Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Footprint Chart Screams 'Buy'

Hi guys,
I have told you several times how I love trading a Single with volume behind it to lean on. Well, we had one today and it worked really well. We had a Single from yesterday at 904.25 where the market took off in M period. We also had initiated buying from yesterday in the 903-904 area. We also had the Volume Value Area High at 904.25

I probably would have taken this trade without the footprint chart knocking me over the head to go long. But, the footprint was absolutely brilliant. Check it out. I hope many of you took this trade.

Hope it helps,



  1. Hey MG, Another good post ... I like the highlighting of volume to lean on. I guess you must play about with the shading of your daily profiles chart? I keep an eye on the definition you provided and it does not show that high vol unless I lower the manual shading figures. Not complaining, just wondered.


  2. Here are the numbers I am currently using on the Daily Volume Profile. Level 1: 10000, Level 2: 45000, Level 3: 45000.

    I suggest that you find what levels you find most useful.