Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Range Chart and Filtered Volume Breakdown

Hi there guys,
I hope you have been making good use of the new Range Chart with Volume Breakdown. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on it. Here is an update on this chart set up. I have added a 2nd filtered Volume Breakdown Indicator set to only show orders of >199. I could have used > 25 or >99 or whatever. If you like the idea, experiment with it.

I borrowed this idea of superimposing a 2nd VB on the unfiltered VB from Bob Hoffman of Market Delta. So, much thanks to him. He posted an article entitled 'Delta, Delta, Delta" detailing how to set up this chart, in the MD blog on March 17th. http://blog.marketdelta.com/?paged=4

I have observed this addition to the chart for several days now and it has proven extremely useful. Here is an example of its use from today's trading.

Hope it helps,



  1. Nice addition. I have been using a bigs VB like Bob showed for about 2 months now. Using it exactly as he outlined has given me as many false tells as real ones, to be frank. His setup gives you the bigger picture look at the whole day.

    Your overlay on this range bar chart gives you a more immediate look at the action. Could prove to be much more useful. Adding it to my chart for tomorrow.

    BTW, this chart helped me to stay in a short at 904 this morning which worked nicely for 5 pts so thanks for the idea!

  2. Hi Brian,
    That's great man. I too tried Bob's idea after I read his article in March. And, I too didn't find it very useful. Too many false tells, as you noted.

    Using it this way, I find it really useful. I haven't tried the accumulated Delta as he showed, on this chart. I like to keep it simple. If you find the accumulated 'bigs' delta useful, please let me know.

    Time always will tell. Always great to hear from you,