Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trading With The TICK - A Lesson In Market Internals

Hi guys,
I have something a bit different for you today. I find the Market Internal $TICK extremely important and amazingly useful. I wouldn't want to trade without it.

Check out the posts on Dr Brett's blog ( to learn more about what the tick is all about. Meanwhile, read my notes on this chart closely and start monitoring the tick yourselves. I hope to share more on this subject in the future.

I hope this helps,



  1. yes, yes, yes

    I find that the TICK is great as a "hint" indicator.

    If you look at Wed Mornings TICK you will find that it had no weak readings, a clear hint that we were not going to pullback.

    Today was the opposite.

    It took me a little while to get used to reading the TICK. The feedback isn't instant as on a footprint, you need to look at it over a slightly wider timeframe. So for those out there just starting out, I rec. putting it on your chart and passively observing it for a few weeks before trying to apply it to your trading

  2. Thanks for the comments Brian. Totally agree. I absolutely use it as a hint indicator also. And it has taken me some time to make good use of it. But now, I wouldn't want to trade without it.


  3. Hi MG,

    What feed are you using to feed NinjaTrader? I've never seen ^TICK as a symbol. I'm just wondering if it might be zenfire feed.


  4. Hi mic,
    I have an Ameritrade feed for Stocks, ETF's and TICK. Unless your feed sends this data into NT, you won't see these choices in the instrument manager. I also have a Zen Fire feed thru Mirus Futures - but they don't supply stock related data.