Thursday, April 16, 2009

Footprint Profile Provides the Cue

Hi guys,
Here is an interesting chart. Read the text closely to see what I was looking at. I can't begin to tell you how much the versatility of Market Delta 9.2 has helped my trading. These are things that are easy to see in Real Time with the right chart setup.

Hope it helps,



  1. MG,

    Interesting chart and post. Thanks.

    Stupid question, what is a "3 Bar Distribution"?


  2. Hey Brian,
    I have a button set up so that I can see the volume distribution over an intra day 3 bar period. It just lets me pinpoint buying and selling over a smaller period of time. Sometimes, it can help me get a better view of the action. I can also bring up a profile for 4 or 5 bars, if I like.


  3. Awesome post MG,

    I was writing up the same chart this evening observing the same action you presented. Your charts and posts have been insightful. My problem is deciding what support to take a trade at as I also observed a zone at the 41s. Sometimes there are just too many zones its like analysis paralysis. I dropped the ball not entering the 43s because of the 41s. What I also saw was the Resistance at 845 from 1- 1:30 EST on 4/15. That coupled with the initiated buying should have told me this zone is more important.

    I'd like to hear your take on the entry using the FP chart at the 843s if you have some time.



  4. Sorry, poorly phrased question on my part. I meant to ask, are you referring to 30 minute bars? Looking back at your chart again, I assume the answer is yes.

    A 3 Bar volume distribution at 30 minutes would cover the time of a pause alert, could be interesting to identify breakout entry points.

    Thanks again for the blog, always keeps me thinking