Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Link to Video of Don Jones Class

Hi Guys,
I got permission today from Bill Duryea to post a link to the Don Jones class from yesterday. (

For me, it was a great class. I learned some things that I feel will benefit my trading. In the least, it has gotten me thinking in some new ways. At best, I may have a new and lucrative trading strategy. Time will tell.

So, if you are interested, check it out. I have watched it twice so far, to make sure I fully understand what Don was saying.

Hope it helps,



  1. it is interesting. i was looking for some more long term strategies for merging charts, but getting a day trade strategy out of the presentation was an unexpected pleasure. i guess the idea is to enter the trade at the first tick out of a continuous 3-tpo cluster. is that what you got from it? he was clear not to go into strategy, but seems like the only obvious action to take. i'd like to hear your thoughts. the risk in this of course is that looking at a chart after it's completed does show nice breakouts from the pause alerts, but in realtime it may breakout only 1 or 2 ticks, then re-enter the cluster to breakout again later, in which case you are taking a lot of heat. and then there is the possibility it might breakout in the opposite side of the cluster.

  2. AJS,
    Thanks for the comment. I will be watching this strategy myself and determining its best use. I took a trade off of it yesterday that worked very nicely. Today, so far, we had two nice breakouts on the third (anticipation)TPO. I didn't take them as I was waiting for the third TPO to complete.

    I hope to speak to Don for some more clarification. I will post anything that I learn.


  3. Daily Chart for Monday can you post the chart setting for your 30 vol @ price chart trying shade mine so that the hihg vol areas are easy to pick out. thanks

  4. MG,

    I watched the video twice myself and didn't get anything really out of it. If the market consolidates for 90 minutes you can then buy/sell the breakout (up or down). Uh, yeah. Bill doesn't take those trades but he describes them all the time. Not sure why you would need a service to tell you that. I thought Don was virtually incoherent in his explanation of what we were looking at. You don't need to post this if you feel I am being too negative. But what I am really trying to understand is what did you get out of the presentation that you thought was so valuable? Maybe I missed the point?


  5. Brian,
    Yeah, maybe you're being a bit negative, but it's no problem. I like getting comments. I think I liked the presentation because, for the most part, I have watched those consolidation areas forming and then missed the darn breakouts so many times.

    It just clarified for me that I would be much happier making some money on them and that I needed a plan to take advantage of them. Yeah, it's simple. But, it's also elegant.

    As for needing a service to see them, it's not really necessary. I just put up reference lines as I see the areas beginning to form. As Bill said, the Pause-Alerts are just a small part of what Don has to offer. I haven't taken a trial with Don to see if his service has major value to me.

    At any rate, so much of what Bill teaches us came through Don Jones. The fact that we now recognize the importance of these pause areas comes in no small part because of Don's long time observations and teachings.

    I love what Bill has taught me. And I truly respect Don as one of Bill's major teachers. Without people like Don Jones, Jim Dalton and the like, I would be walking blind though this treacherous minefield called Trading.

    Those are my reasons.


  6. Great answer MG, thanks for taking the time.

    I see your point. I have taken the information much like you and popped in reference lines when I see the congestion forming. Simple but elegant is correct.

    I have been looking for a similar "simple indicator" to try to help me find a good entry on trend days. As we now, Billy prefers to fade trend days in general so that is an area of Market Profile where I am lacking. Currently I am playing with a simple VWAP line for that purpose.

    I learned a ton from Daltons book as well, it is a must read for an understanding of AMT.

    Thanks again for the follow-up.