Monday, September 7, 2009

Week Long IOAMT Class

Hi guys,
I'm back from a long summer off. I am trying to get my trading groove and timing back. As I do, I will have some new and hopefully informative posts for you.

I recently downloaded Market Delta 10 beta 4 and if offers some cool improvements. I will share some of them as I get used to the new additions. Its a really great program that keeps on getting better and better.

On the education front, Bill Duryea is presenting his week long training program. Check out the flier above. As you all know, I am a big fan of Bill and the Institute of Auction Market Theory. If you are serious about learning this work, there is no better teacher out there then Bill. No has taught me more about trading than him. He has helped me to truly (and effectively) analyze the action of the markets and to aggressively act on my inferences.

I hope to find the time to be at the class myself. I know this stuff pretty well and I always still learn something from the guy. He absolutely amazes me with his understanding.

That's it for now. Its great to be back.

Be well,


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