Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi guys,
As you all know, I have had a very busy summer and have not traded very much. I have been placing my focus on my practice and have expanded into several new areas. The outcome has been a strong increase in business and a great interest and passion in my medical research and practice.

My split focus on trading and practice these past years has had a major impact on my income, and not for the better. I have had a major drop off from a very successful practice due to my strong interest in and focus on trading. My five years experience in day trading nowhere near compares to my thirty years of experience in medicine. In other words, I am a far better doctor than a trader and thus, my income potential is far greater (at this time) as a physician.

I have decided to stop trading altogether for the time being. I am very excited to see where my one pointed focus leads me. I am letting go of my charting programs and data feeds for now. This doesn't mean that I will not miss trading or will not eventually return. I am not entirely sure how I feel about this or what will be the outcome.

I wanted to write and let you know what is going on. I hope this blog has helped you in your training as a trader. It has been a pleasure serving you and I hope to return someday.

Your friend,

Bryan aka MGTrader


  1. Good luck Bryan and thanks for all your helpful posts!

  2. Thanks so much mic for all your support and participation.


  3. I can honestly say that as a Full Time Dentist with 2 practices, as I got into this day trading business, my real income got tarnished. No matter how much I tried to "learn" the markets, pay some trading rooms: all of it was BS. I made a clear disegagement from this devil's vortex and thank G-D I have a profession to fall back on. I bid all your followers to do better than I did. But my mind is too scientific to follow it. Even with all the Market Profiles and Market Deltas of the world, you can not compete against the whiz kids of Goldman Sachs algorithms. No man is an Island when it comes to trading. Good luck to all

  4. Hi Bryan, I am glad that all is going well with the practice and other business. And when the time is right you will know, if you need to return back to the trading game or not.

    All the Best - Kam D