Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9 Update

Hi there guys,
Sorry I couldn't post any charts this weekend. I have been having some computer related problems. They are fixed now and I am up and running, however, I have to have dental surgery tomorrow and will be incapacitated for several days. I really look forward to resuming my regular posts - hopefully by Thursday or Friday.

I did want to let you know about some up coming classes that Bill Duryea of IOAMT is giving in the near future. I have been in Bill's room the past several weeks and am enjoying it a lot. I am learning a great deal which will show up in my future charts. I highly recommend the programs that I have experienced so far.

1st Program: 3/31/09 at 1:30pm PST
Don Jones of CISCO-futures will discuss the three step process of developing a trading strategy:
1) Understanding market condition (balancing or moving) as derived from the 3-day market graphic
2) Realizing the market's tendency to run-pause, i.e. move directional and consolidate.
3) Reading the market's short term run-pauses within the trading day.

This class is free if you register for a 5 day free trial at

2nd Program: Saturday 3/21/09 at 8:00am PST.

Basic Axioms of Auction Market Theory will encompass all the necessary knowledge needed to acquire the skills to become a discretionary trader and will cover:
The 4 steps
Bell curve
How to read the data and interpret it
And much, much more.

It will be about 4 hours long and will cost $495.00 for both the workshop and the DVD.

3rd Program: Saturday 4/11/09 at 8:00am PST
This is also a pay class called Anatomy of a Trade. Here is their copy on it:

It will be about 4 hours long and will cost $495.00 for both the workshop and the DVD.

To shape and fine tune our understanding of the markets must be an ongoing endeavor, wherein we challenge our previously held assumptions. This course is an opportunity to build upon the foundation of skills taught in our first DVD course Basic Axioms of Auction Market Theory and will be covered in our 4 hour workshop on 3/21/09. The focus of Anatomy is to understand pattern recognition and how to utilize that recognition with the market generated data.

Understanding Support and Resistance levels, allows a trader to make an informed inference as to the markets direction. Is the market remaining in consolidation or is it moving towards a trend? When is the trend over? These are the questions the successful trader asks themselves.

In Anatomy of a Trade, IOAMT has broken down the criteria whereby you can define the market behavior and determine when the markets are in consolidation and when they are trending. To understand and recognize when the markets are consolidating and trending is to be an educated trader.

If you are interested, you can contact Michelle at for more info or to register.

Hope this helps guys. See you in a few days.


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