Sunday, March 15, 2009

Friday's 30 Minute Volume at Price Chart

Hi Guys,
Here is my 30 minute chart for Friday. I do something like this (and more) following every trading day. I digitally store these charts in my computer in my Chart Book and I also print this one out. This can help me not only on the following trading day. Since it is only possible to save 5 -10 days of tick data with Esignal or IQFeed, this data can come in very handy in the future if the market returns to these levels.

There is no 'proper' way to do these charts or a Chart Book. I experiment all the time to make it work better for me. Remember please, that I am just learning also.

If you are not doing this kind of homework for yourself, you are missing out on a great learning and research tool.

Hope it helps,



  1. Hello MGtrader,

    Great blog...

    I was curious as to what those Astricks (*) are on the footprint chart ? For people who have not migrated to new version of MD, how to identify them ?

  2. Hello,

    You can store as much data as you want to with MD (they recommend maximum 65 days). You can only download 10 days worth of tick data from IQFeed, so if you loos you backup you might need to get the data somewhere else.

    Thanks for a great blog

  3. Thanks. I wasn't aware of that. I will keep that in mind.