Sunday, March 1, 2009

Friday and 5 Day Charts

Hey there guys,
Here are my charts and levels for Monday and the coming week. The levels I have listed on the daily chart give you a great view of the initiated selling on the way down from the high. I tried something a little different this week with my 5 day charts.

I have been studying in the IOAMT room the past 2 weeks and am expanding the way that I look at the markets. Here I am using the Market Profiles (colored the way Bill Duryea looks at them) instead of compressed 30 minute charts as I have been using. All of these levels are visible on my 30 minute footprint chart, so I don't really need them in this form for myself. I created this chart so that you could see the levels I am looking at. If the market challenges 780 this week, I will show you the levels above the market that I am interested in.

Have a great trading week.


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