Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Triple Top Short

Hi guys,
Sorry for not posting the last couple of days. I have been working on improving my charts. The new 9.2 MD beta is a massive step up. I am able to see things not visible to me before and have been working on ways with this great potential 9.2 brings, to get my charts set up the way I want them.

Today's chart shows an overlay of BidxAsk on the Footprint type profile. How I did it was to add a 2nd ES set to BxA. I already had a Footprint style ES set up. Then I just messed with settings until it looked right to me.

I invite you to explore and learn things on this amazing software for yourselves.

Interesting short trade yielded 6 points. There were so many signs of a drop here from the delta. It was quite beautiful.

Hope this helps,



  1. Is this bidxask on top of footprint only available in the 9.2 Beta of MD?

    By the way, I have just read your posts from the beginning and will read regularly now. I am picking up a number of things from you. Hopefully I will be able to contribute back to you.


  2. Hi Victoria,
    Great to have you aboard. Your comments and contributions are always welcome.

    Yes, only in 9.2. I had to create it by hand, but I hear that in the next beta version of 9.2 (b8)it will be included as a new footprint type. That will be great as it was a pain to set up. It may even be released as soon as tomorrow.