Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daily Entry to Chart Book

Hi Guys,
Today I want to give you something different and important to add to you repertoire. I want to show you my daily entry to my Chart Book. Every day and every week I do up charts like this. I also do a 5 day chart and a longer term merged chart (for more macro-levels).

The point is: I want to be prepared ahead of time for what opportunities may become available. This is my daily chart for today with key levels for tomorrow or a future day. Since I had to compress it I need to point that the key areas listed had high volume. Each one also stopped the market.

Someone asked me today: "What is your most important chart?" My answer was: The 30 minute Footprint. This is where I am getting intraday and prior days levels. Only when price is approaching one of these areas do I start focusing on my short term footprint charts.

I suggest you all start and use a Chart Book (if you haven't already). It will revolutionize you trading.

Hope it helps.



  1. Hello do you run a chatroom on ensign echat if so how does one gain access? Thanks!

  2. Dear Mic,
    Sorry, I don't run a chat room or have any plans to do so, in the near future. I am a doctor in my other job and it takes so much of my time. Lately, I have been so busy that trading time has been in extremely short supply. So, I help here, in this blog as much as I can.