Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Long From Low

Hi guys,
Here is a nice trade I took this morning. I wanted to show you all of my reasons. With all I was seeing, it didn't feel 'scary' at all to take a counter trade long even though it really looked like the sellers were in control and ready to put in a new low.

I got in at 966.50 as I really wanted to get in close to the key low of 966. I took 2 pts off (in case I was wrong). I got 4 pts each on my other two contracts near the vwap.

Have a great day tomorrow.

Hope it helps,



  1. Dr Bryan Stern can you post a chart with the setting of your 10000 divergence chart,my own chart does not show divergence like yours and missed the trades you highlighted thankyou.goodwork

  2. Jenny,
    Do you have my definition for the chart? If you do, the Delta Divergence Indicator (Which say DDL or DDH) only works in the Pro Version. truth be told, I never wait to see the Divergence indicator pop up. I read the pattern that I am seeing. i could totally live without the indicator, but I could not do without the Delta Momentum at the bottom.